Retromopszucht vom Bromberg

English version

An english version

Many times I've been asked for an english version - now here I try to give some informations to my english speaking visitors.

The Retropug

In 2005 I bought a male dog out of a crossing from Pug and Russell (75% Pug and 25% Parson Russell) and crossed him with a pure Pug. I wanted to show, that this could be a real good way to bring back healthiness to the Pug. And so it was. At once we had pug dog puppies like the old ones in history.

I found some breeders who liked to help breeding this way and in 2009 we started in a circle of breeders to breed joint. At the same year my book about the Retropug was published.

This pug isn't purebred any longer, because the standard-pug has to suffer in so many ways. The purebred pugs in our days often can't breathe and are much sensitive to heat or they have to sit while sleeping. Their eyes often become injured, their backs are to short (higher risk for wedged vertebrae - or just not able to clean themselves), many pugs are carrying or suffering of PDE (Pug Dog Encephalitis.

Unfortunately pugs have got one of the smallest gene pools of the dog world. So you can't select all the sickening genes without losing the pug. But what can we do?

We decide on bringing new genes into the pug's gene pool to give him back more healthiness and fitness. Our way is a not scheduled discontinuously crossbreed. So we get dogs in different percental share to breed with. We don't want to shut our studbook and we explicitly don't hold any show. We want to bring back the kind of pugs we saw in old paintings and pictures until about 60 years ago.

This kind of pug still had longer legs, longer backs and snouts - they were much less bullet-headed. So they could live a heathier life. And that is the way our dogs are again. Our ZKR Retropugs have got wide open nostrils and their eyeballs are lying in deep eye-sockets. They have got longer necks and longer backs and legs. The connective tissue is firmer, so for example the larynx and the trachea won't collapse as easy as it does by today's purebred pugs. The bellylines are no longer straight, they are pulled up behind the deep chest.

The dog breeds we are using at this time are the Parson Russell and the Pinscher. (I'm looking forward to bring the Beagle's genes in with my black female who has got 75% pug and 25% Beagle.

Forbidden breeds are those who could bring our Retropug away from his typical historical appearance - may be just in the farer future (like Poodles with their hair or short legged dogs like the Corgi or the Dachshund) or bring a risk of new diseases (like syringomyelie of the King Charles Spaniel). This breeds will never be used from us.

The Retropug is a playfull and handsome little companion dog. He is able and willing to be with you all day - and if he is allowed, he loves to sleep in your bed at night. He's not a barker or a biter, if you train him like a little dog must been trained. This dog doesn't need hard words or sternly punishment. This dog will always look for what to do to please you. He is great with kids, old people and a lot of this little guys are working as therapy dogs. They live in community with cats, guinea pigs and rabbits - they also love to be with dogs or horses if they know all of this.

The Retropug is also a courageous, smart little dog who is learning quickly in new situations. And even when he is just a little dog, he is brave enough to defend himself and his human, if it should become necessary.

His shoulder height is between 32 and 38 cm.

The weight is 8 up to 12 Kilos.

Colours: All kind of fawn, silver-grey, platinum. Black, brindle and piebald - even black and tan. Ears, mask, the rich on his back and the nails preferably have to be dark.

His head: the snout is short, truncated, quadrate - but not pressed. A preferably small nosefold, straight nose bridge, big wide open nostrils. Forehead wrinkles should be in darker shade.

Jaw: It should be wide and strong. The lower jaw runs in a wide arc and ends in front of the upper jaw. With closed snout the protrude of the lower jaw (undershot) will be mitigated by the course of the mandible. This is indispensable to avoid a bigger undershot.

Teeth: The teeth of the lower jaw should never stand behind the teeth of the upper jaw. The law teeth arch is rounded. The jaws shall not be shifted laterally. With closed snout the lips should cover the teeth completely.

Ears are relative small, falling forward.

Eyes: Eyes are embedded deep in the eye-sockets - no exophthalmos. Round or oval. All browns possible - from amber to deep brown.

Tail: Ringtail, preferably ringed twice.

Neck: Not too short, no excessively dewlap.

Legs: Powerful, well placed under the body. Preferably black nails.

The dog should make an expression of a strong but also elegant little companion dog.

Character: Our Retropugs are pronounced awake, intelligent and cheerfully little dogs. They have got the will to please and love to be with their humans. They are real all-rounder and suitable to country life as well as to a life in the city.

Last but not least I would like to emphasize, that I never wanted to breed "pugs, who are less suffering" - my declared goal is a pugdog, who can live a healthy, funny life - full of enjoyment of life. In my opinion this only will be reachable for our pug with an enriched gene pool by using other breeds in an defined way of breed, in a circle of breeders, who are truly interested in helping to reach this goal. The racial purity was an evel wrong decition of breeders in times when they could not know better. In our times we know better about genetics and we should not go this old wrong and deathly path, if we want to keep this wonderful little dogs alive!