Retromopszucht vom Bromberg

Pug's history

Pug's way through history

The origin?

Origin and genesis of the breed Pug are in the dark. Paper is patient and so you can read a lot - everyone writes something different and everyone after his face.

The standard pug of today is often pretended that the Lord god created this rattling little fellow himself. Describing this, sweet stories circulate of the "moaning from a damp tone", which slides from the Lord's hands and after the impact of God is felt to be particularly successful and so left ...

The cynologists do not agree. Does the pug now come from China, from South America,
from Russia? Holland? England? South Africa?

There are many theories - no conclusive evidence. It is juggled with years and ruler names and thought about early trading relationships - but: the pug past is nebulous!

The ancestry?

And because one does not know where the pug came from and how devoured his ways to us were, one can not really say anything about his descent. In Confucius only "short-nosed dogs" mentioned - in Central Peru found the skeleton of a broad-skulled, pug-sized dog with front bite. Some even see the pug as an English Bulldog descendant - the Holland / Russia theories do not seem to be occupied at all.

Only puncture-proof: Pisanello painted a pug-like dog around 1425, other artists also produce drawings and figures obviously bullet headed small dogs. - And, just to mark it in this context: At the end of the 18th century, to breathe life back into the then-descending race, dogs such as the Bulldog, the Pinscher and probably the Pekingese were also crossed. (The Pinscher later after the 2nd World War, when it looked bad again with the breeding stock, even again ...)

... and the pug stature?

After all dogs are described in the 18th century, who were allegedly able to follow Genghis Khan's riders, were then taken in battles and thus warned their lord (William of Orange) of the assassination. We are talking about dogs that were lost in a battle and therefore allegedly ran back from Belgrade to Winnenden to the castle of the Duke of Württemberg! And there is talk of a dog with the courage and the ability to bite an emperor (Napoleon) in the calf to protect it's owner (Josephine - Napoleon's wife)...

To whom would the image of today's standard pug come to mind in such reports?

... and the pug character?

The above is more like a dog than an angelic softie with pug phlegm - right? However, what is described there may apply today to the ZKR Retropug, whose description reads: "Anyone who wants to be happy with a ZKR Retropug needs to know that he is getting a movement-loving companion who does not like being alone and most of all Despite his friendly nature and his high stimulus threshold, the ZKR Retropug is thoroughly attentive - he is distant enough and also able to stand up for himself and his people in dangerous situations, although he is vigilant but neither a brawler nor a barker."

But back in the past: There dilapidateded this tough little dog.

The crash - Part 1

It went steeply downhill with him. No longer the royal houses and the nobility were its patrons - the bourgeois had his hands stretched out to him - the pug became a fashion. Unfortunately it was the same as it is today: fashion dogs were bred by all sorts of people who better would never have dealt with dog breeding - and of course the bourgeoisie had no interest in expensive bred puppies! So the pug's call went as well as his qualities - the nobleman and aristocratics turned away with horror.

With what was left of him, there was no state to be done and at the beginning of the 19th century, the pug was simply panned by well-known cynologists. They paint the picture of a barely viable, stupid and often annoying dog.

Dr. H.G. Ludwig Reichenbach says: "The breed has a lot of unpleasantness in the attitude in lounges, to which it alone is capable, the expressionless face is however connected with a lack of mental abilities, in addition comes that these dogs are deaseased easily from mange, gout, blindness and dog rage, in addition to barking and growling, especially when they are several years old, are always wrong and vicious against dogs, which is why they are becoming rarer these days, although they reach a very old age." Dr. Friedrich Walther states: "He is a bullsbiter on a small scale, not very lively, and does not often reproduce, as it seems, somewhat stupid compared to other dogs." And Brehm is known to write: "The world will lose nothing if this hideous animal is the way of all flesh."

Then followed a long time of forgetting. The dog disappeared from the cityscape, only a few breeders remained loyal to him and just as few dog fans. He became a dog of ego-centrists who wanted to express a sense of life rather than holding a dog. Only the design was still in the foreground. The breed standard became more and more extreme. The more recondited, the more you noticed at the show. The judges at the dog shows must certainly be accused of having significantly promoted this development.

Ironically the war, which decimated the few breeding animals again, helped the pug again to Pinscher shares. He gained new life-giving dog format, but what this was immediately "driven out" again. The preference was for eccentricity and it stayed that way. The rich and beautiful showed up with a pug and were portrayed with humorous sayings to the "un-dog" by their side in the gazettes. Overall, it was a vanishingly small number, as far as the birth rate of the pugs was concerned and long remained forgotten and hidden, what people had made from the lovable and once so agile dog.

The crash - Part 2

Then it happened a second time - the crowd remembered the pug. "Men in Black" and the talking, scary-eyed Frank moved the little dog back into the consciousness of the wider crowd. After a brutal biting incident in Hamburg, the pug in Germany became completely modern again.

The citizen wanted in times of dog hatred declared harmless round-headed dogs - which no one needed to be afraid and the numbers of pug puppies exploded. Can you ask yourself if there are any parallels between the Biedermeier pug and today's standard pug? Would Reichenbach and Walther resemble each other today as they did 200 years ago?

Isn't the pug already arrived back in the middle classes, isn't he held again little dog-like as in the ladies of the Biedermeier period, suffers from mange, convulsions, blindness and endures all that with almost expressionless face? Isn't he, in many cases, a dog who is often not the brightest head compared to others? And doesn't he yelp easily for any nonsense?

The boom meant that unknown numbers of rattling little flat faced dogs were present and the pug's problem of brachycephaly became a kind of "widespread disease". People who used to know only "normal" dogs, and had built on the fact that "the breeders have bred everything suitably", had to be taught otherwise - the agony of the pug became public. Unsuspecting buyers became patient owners! A scandal? Well - still, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Who as a pug owner dared to complain the suffering of his dog (and the associated financial burden on the budget viá vet-bills), had to say that he obviously did not deserve a pug and pecuniary was not suitable as a pug owner!

Arrived in the present

The veterinarians expand thenceforth nostrils, amputate nasal folds, cut soft palate, reduce eyelid gaps - they treat the demodectic mange, ear mites martyred too narrow auditory canals, eczema in all kinds of deep wrinkles, allergies, seizures. In far too short snouts, they remove teeth that no longer fit in and cause cysts and painful inflammatory processes. They rinse anal fluid pouches that do not deflate. - Were these all the causes of the ill temper and unpredictability of the pugs, as Reichenbach testified 200 years ago among the older animals of the breed?

Medical reports fill the relevant forums - but that does not mean that people would ask for a change in breeding standards. Although one laments every miserable dog - but that does not mean that the breed would be called doubtful. Surgeries and healing methods are published and recommended as knitting patterns and one wishes each other "good recovery" and "fast cure" for "the little grunt bugs" .... - as if dogs were made to be operated on.

The maladic pug is meandering around in a kind of doll carriage, not infrequently directly to the next "pugevent". Til today, one tries with self-knitted pullovers or colorful tube scarves, which are wound around the already short necks, to counteract widespread "cold problems" of the pug as well as with garlic, ecchinaceapreparation or vitamin C. That the problem just - like many others - is his too extreme breeding form, is vehemently denied.

The pug suffers with almost unmoved face what is done to him, while his fans always denote him new humanities and move him more and more away from his actual nature as a dog.

And then there is the Retropug!

The pug, whose origin cannot be verified - neither his origin nor his ancestry have been proven so far - is after breeding in different races in his history (the speech was from Bulldogs, Pinschers and Pekingese) reanimated again with a dog of foreign race.This time mainly with a partial addiction by Parson Russell instead of Pinscher - in principle again a dog witch with stature and gene pool has more than a lot to offer for the pug. The result is the known - a once again revitalized pug. Able to live up to its purpose as a companion dog.